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Soutenez cet orphelin et permettez-lui d'être scolarisé
Soutenez cet enfant orphelin

The very sad life of Thinley Otsal, orphan

On March 6, 2021, our correspondents in Ladakh informed us of this urgent situation: Thinley Otsal, a 4-year-old child from the village of Lehdoo in Ladakh, is in a very sad situation of precariousness. Indeed, both her parents divorced and went their separate ways, abandoning their child. His grandparents, who are over 70 years old, look after him, but without any income, it is difficult for them to support him, especially school fees.


.On March 8, the association took him to the Mandoglu school of the Most Venerable Drubpön Tharchin Rinpoche where he is housed, fed and educated. During each school holiday, he will be taken back to his grandparents' house in order to keep a link with his native land and his family. Today, he still attends the school in Mandoglu. A bank account has been opened in his name in order to be able to anticipate his future. We remind you that schooling is expensive in India. Only children who can afford it can afford to go to school.


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