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Khalsi school

.The Khasi school educates children from disadvantaged and illiterate families in remote villages. It only works thanks to private donations. More...

Supporting school and its 170 students.

Ecole de khalsi au Ladakh

Mandoglu school

This school was financed by the association. It is supported by France Himalaya Tiers-monde which is in charge of it.


Supporting this school

Ecole de Mandoglu

Tibetan clinic

To enable the people of Agling in Ladakh to have access to medical care.


 Supporting this project

clinique tibétaine au Ladakh

Thinley, orphan

Thinley Otsal is an orphaned child taken in by the association in 2021. France Himalaya Tiers-monde takes care of her schooling, accommodation and food.

Supporting Thinley

thinley, enfant orphelin_edited.png
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