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Construction d'une clinique tibétaine

Construction of a Tibetan clinic and pharmacy in Ladakh

At the request of the local population, and in particular the inhabitants of the Agling district in Ladakh, the association agreed to help build a medical practice and a Tibetan pharmacy. This district is populated by more than 1500 Ladakhi families and 2000 Tibetan exile families.

Construire une clinique tibétaine au Ladakh

In order to facilitate access to care for the inhabitants of Agling and also with the aim of preserving the ancestral tradition of Tibetan medicine, we wish to proceed with the construction of a medical practice and a Tibetan pharmacy, in which a Tibetan doctor would reside permanently, is necessary. It should be noted that in Tibet, the doctor diagnoses and dispenses the drugs himself, which is why the pharmacy will be adjacent to the doctor's office. In the same building of about 350 m2, Rinpoche plans to erect an international library. The estimated budget for the establishment of a Tibetan medical practice and pharmacy is €25,000. The foundations have already begun. Donors will be informed of the progress of the project.


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